Philippines leader wants a digital national ID much sooner, with private sector help


It may not have been a formal edict, but the leader of The Philippines has demanded his government – and requested businesses – to get a digital national ID to all nationals and resident aliens.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., whose father presided over the nation’s so-called golden age of brutal dictatorship, seems unhappy with the progress so far.

The Philippine System Act, decreeing creation of a coherent national ID program, was passed five years ago, according to news publisher has reported that Marcos, in a meeting with the Private Sector Advisory Council, requested help from the private sector in launching the mobile biometric PhilID app.

He also is envious of other nation’s ID programs, some of which are the basis of electronic prescription plans, transit ridership, ID verification and online banking. Marcos called for faster issuance of the country’s digital ID cards in mid-2022.

Another account, by the Philippine News Agency, reports a harsher tone.

Marcos allegedly “ordered” the government to get going.

The PhilID system is currently being used for SIM registration, amongst various other uses. Over 76 million people are registered so far.