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The drama focuses on the life and relationships of a group of university students, particularly the difficult relationship between hard-working scholarship student Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun) and a deceptive senior, Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin).

Jung is rich, popular, and he is heir to Taerang Group. Although he appears to be kind to everyone around him, he is quite manipulative with a penchant for destroying those who irritate him, often by using others. When Seol discovers this, her life starts becoming so miserable she decides to take time off school. When she returns through a scholarship that was intended for Jung, he is unexpectedly nice to her and he asks her on a date. Although she is unsure what kind of person he is, they begin an awkward relationship complicated by the distance between them as well as the aftermath of his various schemes. The situation is further complicated by the arrival of Baek In-ho and his sister In-ha, childhood friends of Jung who have since had a falling out.
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