Smart Bro Home Prepaid WiFi 5G Hands-on


Smart recently released its Smart Bro Home Prepaid WiFi 5G, a home router that connects to the telco’s 5G network, boasting a more reliable 5G connection and WiFi 6. Check out our hands-on below.



The Smart Bro Home Prepaid WiFi 5G is the telco’s latest addition to its 5G-enabled WiFi devices, following the Smart Bro 5G Rocket WiFi launched several months ago. While the latter focuses on mobility, the former is designed for home use.


The Smart Bro Home Prepaid WiFi 5G is manufactured by GreenPacket with model number D5H and designed like most modern routers, but larger and features 6 external foldable 9dBi High Gain antennas. It’s made of plastic, not premium, but seems to be of good quality.


What will catch most people’s attention, though, is the artwork at the top of the router by award-winning illustrator Stephani Bravo Semilla. Also found here are the LED indicators for the WiFi status, 5G/4G signal, SIM, and System.


At the back are the ethernet ports, reset button, WPS button, and power port. The Smart SIM card is already pre-installed and comes with 20GB of open-access data.


Setup is easy. Just plug the router into a power source and wait for it to connect to the network, which takes about 2 minutes. At this point, the LED indicators will light up. If there’s 5G in your area, the 5G indicator will light up, otherwise, it will revert to 4G. Just connect to its default SSID and you’re good to go.