Downloading & Installing Dragon Nest


This thread is for when you are trying to download/install Dragon Nest, not on Steam, but the client isn't working

I went and uploaded the main parts of the client to a file hosting website. So if your DN client isn't working after you downloaded it for some reason, you can try the client parts I'll provide.

To install this, make a Dragon Nest folder where you expect to be using it. Usually the folder goes somewhere in your "C:" drive.

Then download any of the 4 parts you are missing or need. Just cut and paste the,, and files into the Dragon Nest folder. If you need the other files, the DN_Setup.rar file will have them. Just extract the contents of that file into the Dragon Nest folder you made. I will attach a picture of what the Dragon Nest folder should look like at the end of this post.

Once everything is in place, you should be able to run the setup.exe in your Dragon Nest folder, and installation should run smoothly from there.

Download Links:

If any of this stuff doesn't work and you still can't get the client working, feel free to post here, or even make a new thread if you like, and hopefully I or someone else will assist you ASAP.

If you can't get the game to work through Steam, make a new thread about it and we'll talk about the problem there.