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Registration and Sign-in

Enlistment gives acknowledgment! Enrolling on ePinoy is only a single tick work. We will keep you logged in and make your work less demanding and less complex.

  1. How to register?

Step 1: Click “Sign Up” tab in the top corner of the website

This button is used for signin up in ePinoy

Step 2: There are two options to Sign Up in ePinoy

  • You can use your Facebook credentials as it is a faster way of authentication
  • You can enter your details such as:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Email Address

enter your credentials in this form to Sign Up in ePinoy

After submitting the needed information, you can now log-in and as a registered user of the site you can post Ads and can manage your listings.

  1. Importance of Registration

Registration allows you to enjoy the following benefits

  • Post to ePinoy
  • Manage your Listings/Postings
  • Helps you buy and sell secondhand or brand new things
  1. How to Sign In on ePinoy?

Signing in allows you to access your profile and listings on the site.

Step 1: Click “Sign In” tab in the top corner of the website

Step 2: If you’re already an ePinoy registered user, you can enter your username and password to sign in to your account.

This button is used to sign in in ePinoy

  1. How to Create Password?

You must value your password, you can enter combinations of numeric and alphabetical characters. To ensure the security of your password, it’s required to be 6 to 16 character length. Do not use details that’s easy to guess such as birthday, easy patterned passwords like abc123, 123456, abcdef. Make it a habit to change your password after a certain period of time, you can navigate to My Profile and set your new Password and confirm it.

  1. How do I get another password, if I forgot it?

You can recover your password in case you forgot it by navigating in Sign In > Forgot your username and password?. After filling out the email address field, you will be prompted with a notification that your password was reclaimed and you need to access your email address.  You’ll just need to click on the e-mailed link and enter your new password.