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Posting Ads

Posting Ads on ePinoy is so easy.

  1. How to start posting on ePinoy?

    Step 1:
    Click “Post Free Ad” tab in the top corner of the website
    This button is used for posting ad on ePinoy

    Step 2:
    You will be prompted after, in the Category List. It’s needed that you select the correct category and subcategory for your Ads. For example if you are selling your computer, then you should post your Ad in the Computer Category and Subcategory Desktops.This is were user can select appropriate Category and Sub Category for their listings

    Step 3: Basic Ad Details Information

    • There’s an option for you to choose another Category if you want to.
    • Make sure all the required fields were filled out.

    insert title of your post

    Tip: Your Title should describe well your Ads. After adding your descriptive Title, you can add some information such as Price – you can indicate if your price is fixed or not, Condition, Additional Information where you can include more details about your product and your Locality.

    Step 4: Upload Pictures and Videos of the Product

    You have the option to upload Pictures and Videos for your ads. This will be a great tool for your ad to be more detailed as possible. The first image will be used as your product’s profile picture which will be visible site wide. Ads with pictures have more possibility to have more responses to users.

    upload pictures and videos
    Step 5: Additional Product Details

    Detailed ads have more possibility for user’s response and gives more insight for potential buyers.

    this is the part where you can enter additional information for your product

    Step 6: Seller Information

    Information you’ve provided during sign-up will be available for this part, First Name and Last Name of the user and Mobile Number must be provided. Providing this information will acquire you to:

    • Post ads
    • Get replies to ads
    • Can be contacted by possible Buyers
    • Get offer from possible Buyers

    This is the part where user needs to his information
    Step 7: Package Information

    You will have two options to choose, Free or Premium Package. To help your ad gain more visibility you can upgrade anytime to Premium Package by paying a small amount.

    Where user can select what kind of package his product belongs

    Step 8: Click the Post Ad button to submit your Listing or preview your ad using the Preview Ad Button.

    this is the post and preview button
    Note: A quick tour on How to Add Posting is present now on Posting Form, just click this Information Icon beside Details
    Quick Tour on Adding an Ad

  2. How much does it cost to post an Ad in ePinoy?ePinoy is a free classified platform and does not charge you any fees to post Ads. Enjoy using it, all ads are subject to our Terms of Use
  3. How can I post a Good Ad on ePinoy and get better responses?To increase the chance and possibility of a good response, your Ad should meet this recommendations:
    • Have a descriptive and detailed Title by putting important keywords for your Product
    • Include all needed details for your Product
    • Upload nice captured images of your product, back it up with nice video if you have one.
  4. How long do Ads stay after being posted on ePinoy?Ads remain live on the site for _ days after which they lapse naturally and are not shown as live. You will get an Ad Expiry e-mail after your ad expires. You can broaden your Ad length by renewing/upgrading your promotions after its expiry, from My Listing. You can even remove your Ad by signing in.
  5. Is there any limit on Posting Ads?There are no limitations on posting your ads, yet any duplicate will be removed once detected.
  6. Why am I unable to Post an Ad?Users who were reported/violated ePinoy’s Terms will be disabled to use the service. However, in case you are unable to post an ad for any other reason, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. How do I know if someone is interested to my Ad?Those interested in your Ad use the Contact Seller Button or the Make Offer Button on the Product Page.Contact Seller button is used to seller of your desired product and Make Offer button is used to bid for a certain listing or express your desire to buy it
  8. Why Seller is not responding?Any correspondence amongst buyers and sellers is totally their own particular choice. It is the client’s caution not to react to your offer or correspondence.ePinoy does not take an interest in any transactions amongst buyers and sellers.
    • Don’t continue reaching a specific seller in the event that you get no reaction.
    • Do not contact sellers posting suspicious advertisements.
    • Always track your shipment
    • Keep the correspondence entirely important to Ad advertised.
  9. Why do ads being reviewed?We have ads managers which checks your listings if it fits with our Terms of Use, this is made to guarantee the security of users using the platform and help anticipate fake exchanges.
  10. Can user rate a seller?Yes, you can rate a seller by going to his account and give him a rate from 1 to 5 stars where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.
  11. Do I need to share my Contact no?This is optional, in case you want possible buyers to contact you in your mobile no. you can just navigate to My Profile > Choose Yes in Share Contact?.