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Filipino Activities in the Ber Months

Filipino Activities During Ber Months

Why do Filipinos celebrate Christmas? Apparently, one of the primary reasons can be rooted in our cultural heritage and history. The island state of Philippines was once one of the colonies of Spain back then. The cultural change brought by the foreign country impacted our Filipino community and made a great shaping as to what are the things that we are doing during the ber months. Common to Pinoys, the Yuletide Season starts on the first of September until January. This shows that we celebrate Christmas in a remarkable lengthy period of time.

As observed, there were a lot of things that we do during the season. And I’m pretty sure that it may poke your interest to know some of these.

  • Shopping Spree
    Filipino Activities in the Ber Months Shopping Spree
    Filipinos are fond of buying apparels, toys, food and other products during the yuletide season. As a matter of fact, we seemed to show a strong ability to purchase during this season due to Christmas bonuses and other additional financial incentives.

    The season’s natural weather gives the signal for Filipinos to be a bit fashionable in a way that they can wear multiple piece of clothing. Many of us can pull off wearing beanie, sweater and other apparels that can give warm feeling during the cool breeze season.

    At one point, Filipinos are not only focused to clothing. Others are also particular in planning and buying food recipes for Noche Buena or looking on to foods that are interesting to eat and are available any time of the season. Delectable foods like ham, queso de bola, puto bumbong, bibingka, lechon, pancit, fruits, chocolates, and candies are some of the in-demand products that can be seen in the market during the season.

  • Giving Gifts
    Filipino Activities in the Ber Months Giving Gifts
    Just like the folks in other countries, some of the stuff that we buy during this season is intended for gift giving which manifests the fiery spirit and tradition of sharing. It can be underscored that this act reflects the meaning of Christmas celebration.

    Tiyangian and shopping malls would surely be flooded by the influx of godparents who wanted to give memorable gifts to their godchildren. Others would also give gifts to their loved ones.

    However, some of those who cannot afford to go out and would rather browse the internet while sipping a cup of coffee would definitely opt to choose and buy products from online shopping platforms. As a friendly advice, smooth and hassle-free Christmas transactions would be great with ePinoy.

  • Installing Christmas Decors
    Filipino Activities in the Ber Months Installing Christmas Decors
    Yuletide season in our country is not complete if there are no intricate or simple Christmas decors. If you will stroll across the country or look around a Filipino town or city, you can witness towering Christmas trees in malls, lanterns and Christmas balls of various sizes everywhere, lights that form and represent the pool of stars in the sky, and parks filled with colorful booths.

    A lot of lantern-making competitions can be witnessed. One of the famous lantern-making competitions is annually held in Pampanga where Giant Lanterns with great aesthetic value made by local artisans are displayed.

  • Christmas Reunion and Parties
    Filipino Activities in the Ber Months Christmas Reunion
    Parties are indispensable tradition during the Christmas celebration in our communities and families. We are known to have a strong family bond which can be likened to the holy family that hold onto each other even in times of crisis.

    Many of us absolutely cherish the importance of annual gathering during this season to reminisce and look back on to what happened in our lives.

There are many ways to make your holiday season memorable and joyful. Just keep in mind that it is very important to celebrate without defeating the real purpose of Christmas.

It would be great also if you will let us become part of your holiday plans. Cheers and happy holidays!


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