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5 Easy DIY Christmas Decor – Tipid Tips from ePinoy

5 Easy DIY Christmas Decor - Tipid Tips
As many folks say, there are many options in coming up with a colorful Christmas without spending extravagantly and hitting fatally your purse. If you are in a tight mode of budgeting, then, you don’t have any choice but to think of low-cost, but great, crafty projects in decorating your home for the season. We in ePinoy would be glad to give some Christmas Decor Tipid tips in making your own DIY Christmas Decor masterpiece.

  • DIY Christmas Tree
    DIY Christmas Tree
    Of all the Christmas decors, Christmas tree is the most awaited. Putting up a Christmas tree would be budget-heavy when fabricated or grown and depending on the size. As an alternative to that dilemma, you can make a DIY Christmas tree in your house by using indigenous materials that can be found around your surroundings. You can also present resources in home.

    Probably the hardest part of DIYing a Christmas tree is identifying the wood that can serve as the tree. If you are living in a tree surrounded compound or nearby a forest, then you can look in to woods that have branches and characteristic that would suffice your desired style. It would be friendlier if you’ll just pick up a branch of wood that is already cut from trees. In this way, you can help our mother nature by not hurting the trees and preserving their growth.

    After choosing the kind and size of your desired tree, you can proceed in thinking a design that would suit the kind of Christmas tree that you want. By planning the details, you can immediately sort and collect other materials for further designing. You can check out other materials that you would use in executing this wonderful project yours in ePinoy.

    If you already finished your design and collected all the materials you need, then you can now execute your low-cost and nature-friendly Christmas tree. Just don’t forget to enjoy in creating your masterpiece to make it a memorable Christmas craft.

  • DIY Christmas Balls
    DIY Christmas Balls
    Christmas balls are indeed indispensable in ‘tis season’s craft frenzy. You can just grab a bunch of styrofoam balls in your local store and paint it with yuletide colors, and bang, you already produce artistic low-cost Christmas balls. The good thing here is that you can recycle your DIY Christmas balls for the next yuletide season.

    Making affordable Christmas balls can also mean money through engaging to ePinoy. If you’re a craftsman with an interest to make some monetization endeavor using your hobby, then ePinoy would greatly help you.

  • DIY Tartan Stockings
    DIY Tartan Stockings
    Tartan stockings are hanged along walls and Christmas tree. Your unused or spare plaid cloth can be used as the main material in making DIY tartan stockings. However, if you don’t have spare cloth at home, then you can buy at where you can find great deals for your project.

    Aside from spare plaid cloth, you can use your stock thread as your main sewing material. Next thing to do is to use your pencil and trace the pattern. After that, you can now cut it using only a pair of scissors then sew it to make your final product.

    Making this DIY Christmas decor can put your spare plaid cloth into good use.

  • DIY Parol
    DIY Parol
    Parol or Christmas lantern symbolizes the North Star which guided the three wise men in their journey in finding baby Jesus Christ. DIYing one could be a great pass time for you and your family during this season and can be great sellable merchandise.

    You can make a DIY Parol using spare bamboo pieces in your junkyard or in your shop, old newspaper or colored paper, recycled ornaments, glue, wire, etc. Just be sure that the bamboo is still sturdy or else it will easily break when bent.

  • DIY Pinecone Ornaments
    DIY Pinecone Ornaments
    Usually, pinecones are thriving in cold places. And sometimes you can see them scattering everywhere or maybe in your backyard. Well, good news for you if there are existing pinecone trees since pinecone is the main material for this DIY project.

    In making DIY pinecone ornaments, you’ll just have to gather bunch of pinecones, ball of yarn, and a couple of spray paints. You can choose your own spray paint color base on your desired output.

    You can immediately hang your DIY Pinecone Ornaments after when dried up.


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