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Stock Monitoring, Sales POS System and Inventory Management

– Cashier Module (cash, credit card, vat/non-vat, membership, wholesale, retail, SR/PWD discount, partial/dp, loyalty points, collections, etc.)
– Stock Movement (PO, SI, Transfer In/Out, etc.)
– Report with Graphs (Daily, Monthly, Yearly, etc.)
– Stand-alone or multi-terminals (multi-users, client-server setup)
– Simple, clean, user-friendly interface
– Runs on low PC/Laptop specs with Windows XP or later
– Inventory Management and Stock replenishment alerts
– Price monitoring

A. Package 1 : All New – P29,990
– PC (dual core, 4gb, 320gb HD)
– LED 15.6″ Monitor
– Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand
– Thermal Printer 58mm
– POS Cash Drawer
– POS Software
– Tech Support / Assistance

B. Package 2 : With Refurbished PC – P23,990 (Dell/HP/NEC, Dual Core, 2gb, 160gb HD)

C. Software Only : POS Software – P4,990 (use your own computer)

One-time payment only.
The software is user friendly, easy to operate
One-time payment only for software and hardware
Request for free 30 days trial now! If you’re satisfied with the software after the evaluation period, just purchase the registration code for only P4,990 to continue using the software, inclusive of tech support.

How can it help your business?
– Faster sales transaction fast and accurate
– Stock movement monitoring in real time
– Identifies bestselling & slow moving items
– View or export sales & inventory reports daily, monthly, and yearly
– View sales performance & comparatives
– Monitors sales orders and dues from suppliers
– Be in control & improve efficiency
– Also have special price, discounts & promos
– Minimizes manual paper works

Designed for Groceries, Supermarket, Hardware Store, Drugstore, School/Office Supply, Electronic Gadget, Department Store, Agrivet Supplies, Convenience or Grocery Stores, Diagnostic Laboratories, Mobile Phone and Computer Shops, School and Office Supplies, Sporting Goods, Hardware and Electrical Supplies, Appliance Centers, Motor and Bicycle Parts Shops, Auto Parts and Car Accessories, Book Stores, Salon or Barber Shops, Souvenir Shops, Restaurants, Service Businesses, Fast Foods, Spa, Massage, Food Business, Resellers, Dealers, Distributors, Meat Shops, Pet Shops & Other Business with 50 items+

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