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This ads is intended and addressed to you – the Amo or Authorized Managing Officer, Ste or Sustaining Technical Employees.

Cosh training is required by Pcab for Amo, Ste, Safety Officer. There are scheduled Cosh training in Quezon City, Pampanga, and Tarlac.

For Cosh Qc details, visit this link
For Cosh schedules in Qc, visit this link

Amo seminar is required for Amo only. Ste for general contracting business must be civil engineers or architects with x number of years of experience which is based on the Pcab license category that your company want to apply for.

Pcab license is required for all businesses engaged in contracting. Operating without it is illegal and may cost you your reputation as a person, professional, or a company. Whether your business is registered as sole proprietor via Dti business registration, or corporation registered with Sec, it is a must that you secure a Pcab license for your contracting business.

If this is your first time to file for your Pcab license, you may want me to personally help you in securing one for your business so that you can be considered in both private and public or government projects. If you are just renewing your Pcab license, we can also help you.

We offer this service to save you your precious time at a fair nominal fee. With us doing it for you, you can actually utilize your time for other more important business dealings and transactions with your existing and prospect clientele.

If interested, please leave a message or email me. I will reply to you.Or please visit this online service request form thru this link

Thank you.
Ronald Pornobi

Globe: 0917 312 6720
Smart: 0918 946 4623