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-earth auger
JS-EA203 52cc-12,720
JS-EA204 63cc-16,693

-ground drill:
100mm – 2,100
150mm – 2,600
200mm – 3,000
250mm – 3,700
300mm – 4,700

EA definition:
An auger is a drilling device, or drill bit, that usually includes a rotating helical screw blade called a “flighting” to act as a screw conveyor to remove the drilled out material. The rotation of the blade causes the material to move out of the hole being drilled.
An auger machine is a device used to drill earth horizontally. It consists of a cutting head, a flighted drive tube and the drive mechanism to supply the force to push the auger through the earth. The cutting head penetrates the earth and the spoil is carried back to the entry pit along the auger coil.
Auger machines are used for laying horizontal pipes without digging trenches.

An auger used for digging post holes is called an earth auger, handheld power earth drill, soil auger, or mechanized post hole digger. This kind of auger can be a manually turned, handheld device, or powered by an electric motor or internal-combustion engine, possibly attached to a tractor (being provided with power by the tractor engine’s power take-off as shown). Handheld augers can also be used for making holes for garden planting.
Wood augers have a screw to pull them into the wood, as a gimlet has, and a cutting lip that slices out the bottom of the hole. The auger bit, meant to be used in a brace, also has cutting spurs to cut a clean circle deeper than where the lips scrape out the wood.[1]
In construction, augers are used for special drilling rigs to dig holes, or augerating for deep foundationpiles. Another use is for piles forming a piling retaining wall, which can be constructed in the same way as foundation piles.
Augers – either gas- or hand-powered – are used by ice fishermen to drill holes to fish through. Drilling into maple trees to extract maple syrup is also carried out with the use of augers.

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