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(Specs of HQ200PU-S amphibious pontoon undercarriage)

*Match Lonking 6225 excavator

*Pontoon size : 7531 x 1420 x 1885mm (L x W x H)

*Pontoon undercarriage width : 4595mm

*Travel motor : Brand new DOOSAN TM40VC

*Chain on each pontoon : 2 rows (heavy duty chain)

*Make 3 checking holes (manholes) on each pontoon,

*Allow Lonking 6225 excavator to work on Max. 1.6 meter Deep River. (By adding side pontoons with hydraulic spuds, it could be used to work in Max. 3 meter deep river.)

*A set of HQ200PU-S amphibious pontoon undercarriage include: 2 pontoons+ 2 DOOSAN TM 40VC Hydraulic travel motors +

H Frame with slew platform + Hydraulic Hoses +

Free Spare Parts (5 pieces of track shoes and 20 sections of chain).

*Product photos, plz refer to the 4th page of this proforma invoice

(Side pontoons with hydraulic automatic spuds)

*Each side pontoon size : 6.5 x 1.2 x 1.0 meter (L x W x H)

*Total buoyancy: 14.2 Ton

*Spud length : 5 meter

*Spud (pile) type: Hydraulic fully automatic, details as follows:

1)On each spud, we assemble one hydraulic cylinder & one hydraulic travel motor.

2)Spuds standing up and lay down are controlled by hydraulic cylinder,

Spuds going into river bed and out of river bed are controlled by hydraulic travel motors.

3)These two spuds could be operated one by one or at the same time by operator in cabin by pressing foot pedals.

* Product photos, plz refer to the 4th page of this proforma invoice

{Indent order}

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