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Be Aware of Feminine Sanitary Napkin/Pantyliner that you’re Using to Prevent serious diseases such as Myoma,Cervical cancer and other reproductive infectious diseases!

Use Superbklean Sanitary Napkin Now!

>Day Use Napkin can absorbs up to 260mm flow (usually 10 hours use).

> Organic Products and made from 100% Cotton which preserves health. NO Harmful Toxic materials included!

> Eliminates odor,itching and reduces Stress in Women.

> Thin pad for comfortable use.

> Very absorbent pad to promote dry surface and prevent bed sores.

> Helps in relieving pains from arthritis and rheumatism.

>Prevents Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

>Guards against Cervical Cancer

>Helps to restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and Immunity.

>Prevents toilet infection.

>Air Permeable which promotes good ventilation and comfortability.

It also Composed of:

1.) Far Infrared- stimulates local Blood Cicrculation,preventing Gynecological diseases and relieve Dysmenorrhea by raising the temperature. Superbklean panyliner can also prevent and help to treat men’s prostate conditions and hemorrhoids. Men from age 40 are advised to use the superbklean panty liners.

2.) Magnetic Energy- can Prolong life. Enhances Blood Circulation,the vitality cells, speeds up discharge of toxins during periods,increases Bio-enzymes in the vagina and helps to Raise the Acidity of the secretions,making them more resistance to infection.

3.) Anions- acclaimed as “vitamin of life” and guard the human body. It Purifies the Air and Increases the amount of Oxygen as well as Moisture. Friction can prompt the Strip to release Anions which can Purify/Clean the Vagina and Prevent the breeding of Anaerobic bacteria during menses which Eliminates Odor,Prevent itchiness and Resist bacteria.

Products Summary:

Day Use Napkin- up to 260 mm flow (10 pieces per pack)
Night Use Napkin- up to 300 mm flow (8 pieces per pack)
Light Use Napkin- up to 180 mm flow (18 pieces per pack)
Daily Use Pantyliner- up to 150 mm flow (30 pieces per pack)

If interested, kindly contact: 09976196181/09330036236 and look for Leslie