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Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect is a special blend of botanicals and amino acids is guaranteed to help your hair grow faster, and look healthier. This potent formulation contains essential amino acids and synergistic botanicals specially formulated to transform ordinary hair to brilliant, fast growing hair. Boost your confidence with hair that is smooth and easy to comb. You will notice a difference in your hair after the first use.

Php 150 – for 20 bottles
Php 200 – for 10 bottles
Php 250 – for 5 bottles
Php 300 – for 3 bottles
Php 350 – for retail

Self-Adjusting Technology

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect self adjust to any hair type. Whether your hair is dry, normal, or oily, GROW will adjust perfectly to your hair. Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect self adjusts precisely to fine or thick hair so it is the ideal everyday shampoo and conditioner. If you have hair color and will help keep your color longer.

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect is in an electolytic solution (cationic) (+)

The shampoo is electrolytic meaning it contains electrolytes which contain a positive charge (+). This benefits the hair in many ways.:

Self adjusts to your hair

Adds body and bounce

Attracts itself to damaged areas

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect is pH balanced to 4.5-5.5

It has a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. , the exact same as your hair

Acidifying the hair on a daily basis is important.

Helps eliminate static in the hair

Adds natural shine to the hair by sealing the cuticle layer and creating a flat surface naturally so light can reflect.

Helps prevent damage by sealing the cuticle of the hair

Low pH rinses easily from the hair

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect is fortified with He Shou Wu also called “Fo-Ti.”

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect contains Cysteine and cystine both of which are sulfur containing amino acids, which may help to increase the thickness of hair and help in growth. Cysteine is important for keratin synthesis, a protein found in skin, hair and nails and is a component of coenzyme A and glutathione. Cystine is an amino acid that creates di-sulfide bonds, which create the hair’s inner strength. The cystine bond in the hair plays a critical role in many chemical services the hair such as perming and relaxing.

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect contains high amounts of Panthenol Pro vitamin B5

Panthenol binds perfectly with hair follicles. When it does it acts as a humectant attracting moisture to the hair. It lubricates the hair without feeling greasy. Adds flexibility and elasticity from the inside of the hair. It makes the hair texture easy to comb by smoothing the hair. Panthenol adds a brilliant shine to dull hair.

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect is an excellent “color treated hair” shampoo

This shampoo and conditioner are very gentle on color treated hair and can be used everyday. Color treated hair will love it because it leaves the hair with a perfect balance of moisture with the self-adjusting technology.

Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect may be used on any hair type

GROW is a self adjusting shampoo that will be perfect for anyone with oily to dry hair. It is a perfect daily shampoo that is weightless and removes buildup.

Perfect everyday shampoo

There is no need to “rotate” shampoos with Hair Grower Shampoo by dermaperfect. The self adjusting quality makes it an unsurpassed shampoo.

Other impotaant ingredients:


Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin. Niacin (also known as vitamin B3). Niacin assists in the functioning skin. Niacin works synergistically when combined with biotin. Niacin helps dilate blood vessels in the scalp increasing the blood flow (circulation).


One of the best known ingredients for hair care products. Biotin is essential for hair growth. Biotin is also know as vitamin H.


Methionine is an essential amino acid. It is a source of sulfur and methyl groups. Important for proper growth, nitrogen balance, and healthy nails and skin.

Green Tea Extract

Powerful antibacterial activity. Helps tone and protect the scalp. Green Tea extract is rich in bioflavonoids (compounds that prevent free radical damage). Green tea extract is rich in polyphenols which have an amazing antioxidant ability. It may help promote circulation and prevent vascular blood clotting. There is a substance in green tea known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which has been shown to be over 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals.

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